Forme & Sens offers a space for readers to take a new step in understanding and acknowledging the complexities of human experiences. We encourage discussions to combat stigma around normalcies that are unknowingly shared and offer a tangible representation of these sentiments in hopes to create and continuously grow this community.


From Founder & Editor Tiana Petrullo.


Forme & Sens is a meaningful project to me and stems from struggling with my own mental health. Once I began to verbally express what I deal with daily in conversations with others, I found that I was nowhere near alone. Although it is not entirely comfortable for me to be putting my thoughts and feelings in public in this way, I think that it is most important to verbalize mental health experiences. I find a connection to every story written for this journal and I hope that you can either find similar connections or learn something new on the broad topic of mental health.

I endlessly thank all contributors for putting their walls down with me.

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