Journal Entry No. 06

By Bomyee Hwang

December 20, 2018


Big sigh of relief.

Learning to exhale has become a reoccurring theme in my young adult life. 

Out with the old, in with the new. 

Looking to the past for identity, looking towards the future for a new hope. 

Remembering I am my father's daughter, remembering that I'm now a new creation.


A study on past genealogies can show one a few things.

01.  Depression ran deep on both sides.

02. It destroyed my father's uncle.

03. It plagued my grandmother & mother. 

So how does one overcome something in their blood?


Despite the disposition of those before me, there is yet hope. 

I can decide in faith that the chains of my past no longer hold dominion over me. 

I can choose to see a future where my children will not be subject to a government of lies. 

With every breath, we can be the editor and not the victim.

Out with the old, in with the new...

The past no longer defines who we were created to be. 


Bomyee Hwang
33, Virgo
From: Washington and NYC
Lives: Los Angeles, CA
Immersed in: VFX production, writing, photography