Journal Entry No. 22

By Jamie Runkle

August 28, 2019



Depression is a true master of disguise. It really just gets ahold of you, and you're completely oblivious to it all. It interferes with your relationships with others, and heavily on the one you have with yourself.

It took me years to shake this, and to finally feel free. By no means is it an easy journey; it's still something I work on. Being able to finally acknowledge my issues has helped me move forward immensely. It's so important be able to talk about these internal feelings we have and not keep them bottled up. Platforms like this are so meaningful. To show that we aren't alone, and that we can all find inner peace.


Jamie Runkle
26, Scorpio
From: San Diego, CA
Lives: Santa Monica, CA
Immersed in: Visual Effects Production, Water Coloring



The Forme & Sens journal is curated by Tiana Petrullo in collaboration with a beautiful community of contributors who have offered to share their personal experiences with mental health. To encourage a contribution of the most raw and real experience, minimal guidance has been given. All stories have been willingly shared and written to reflect what is personally most prevalent to the writer. Together we offer knowledge, awareness and acknowledgement.