Journal Entry No. 23

By Ryan Lopes

September 3, 2019

Transparency in Expression

Ryan Lopes wears the Transparency Pendant for a portrayal of uninhibited movement – denoting feeling and depicting the mind’s immediate intention.

Movement and words by Ryan Lopes.
Filmed by William Sumrall.

Ryan wears the  Transparency Pendant .

Ryan wears the Transparency Pendant.


"I am practicing the act of being more one-on-one with myself – addressing smaller bits that affect much larger portions…Ideally, this is to surrender. And that to me means to break-down the bits and pieces that are often overthought or even overlooked."


"I have been so focused on the shame (that eventually subsided) from my past for some time now. It still affects the way that I portray my art..."

Ryan wears the  Transparency Pendant .

Ryan wears the Transparency Pendant.


"I guess that I have overcome shame, but then I face the thought again. It's a constant fixation and these films depict exactly that. The urge to loop them is the introduction to a practice that helps me identify why I have unintentionally moved in this way."



The Forme & Sens journal is curated by Tiana Petrullo in collaboration with a beautiful community of contributors who have offered to share their personal experiences with mental health. To encourage a contribution of the most raw and real experience, minimal guidance has been given. All stories have been willingly shared and written to reflect what is personally most prevalent to the writer. Together we offer knowledge, awareness and acknowledgement.